End of Days: Infected vs. Mercs
General Information
Developer: Sick Kreations
Price: 80 MSP
Genre: First Person Shooter

End of Days: Infected vs. Mercs is an Xbox Live Indie Game released on December 27, 2011 made by Sick Kreations. It's engine is called "End Game", also created completely by Sick Kreations.


A plague has devestated the world! Be a Mercenary and hunt down and kill the Infected to stop the plague, or make a last stand as the Infected in online team deathmatch. Free for all matches include a 'Head Fest' option, only head shots count and your head is twice its size!

Game ModesEdit

Combat TrainingEdit

The only offline game mode. You choose your weapons and go throught the map shooting cardboards with printed skins, shooting each gives you points as well as doing it fast and having good accuracy. If you get 6500 points, you unlock Smoke Grenades to use on Xbox Live game modes.

Team DeathmatchEdit

Players get to play on a lobby separated on teams called "Infected" and "Mercenaries", depending on what team are you, your skin will be different.


Normal everyone vs. everyone. You can choose a character freely, without counting with teams.

Head Fest!Edit

Same as Free-For-All, but only head shots count and your head is twice it's size!


Assault RiflesEdit


-USA (Unlocks at 20 kills with Rifles)

-SUB (Unlocks at 50 kills with Rifles)

-Shotgun (Unlocks at 80 kills with Rifles)

-NewTech (Unlocks at 130 kills with Rifles)

-European (Unlocks at 200 kills with Rifles)



-FiftyCal (Unlocks at 30 kills with Pistol)


-Frag Grenade

-Smoke Grenade (Unlocks achieving 6500 points on Combat Training)


You can select skills to have some vintages from the opponent, from increasing your health to reloading or running faster. You can have more than one skill, but you will have them separated between 20000 points. You can give each skills some points so you can have a little bit of everything, or put everything on the same skill.

Armor: Increased health.

Commando: Faster reload, melee and weapon swap.

Endurance: Further run distance.

Run Speed: Faster run speed.

Weapon Accuracy: Better accuracy sighted and from hip.

Weapon Damage: Increased bullet damage