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What is Xbox Live Indie Games? Edit

The Xbox Live Indie Games platform is a system created by Microsoft to allow independent developers to (relatively) inexpensively create their own games for the Xbox 360 and sell them in the Xbox Live Indie Games section of the Xbox Live Game Marketplace. This is a separate section of the menu from the Xbox Live Arcade games.

There are some differences between Xbox Live Indie Games and Xbox Live Arcade games. While anyone can start creating a game immediately for Xbox Live Indie Games using free software and only paying a fee ($49 for 4 months or $99/year) once they want to upload their game - on Xbox Live Arcade, the game development studio must be approved by Microsoft and must pay a considerable sum (about $10,000) for a "developer kit". Xbox Live Arcade games get more exposure and can have higher price points and some additional features (such as being allowed to have Achievements) but since it is nearly impossible for first-time developers to be admitted into Xbox Live Arcade, the Xbox Live Indie Games provide a great place for anyone to get their feet wet making and distributing games (for fun and profit) to players all over the world!

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